Bellabeat Leaf Urban Review

Fitness trackers are great pieces of technology for those of us who want to ensure we are keeping in shape. The technology has come along way over the years and even become more aesthetically pleasing. The Bellabeat, however, sets out to make a fitness tracker that is more appealing to women.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban
  • Fashionable Fitness Tracker With Multiple Styles
  • Focus on Menstrual Tracking and Ovulation
  • Hypoallergenic materials and showerproof wood
  • Step Count Can Be Off
  • Battery Replacement Costs

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Features

Bellabeat is designed to look more attractive while providing women with the same fitness tracking quality as other leading brands.


I have seen a ton of gaudy fitness trackers out there. These trackers don’t fit in with my outfits, and wearing them during business meetings is a nightmare. Bellabeat takes the traditional idea of a fitness tracker and turns it into a fashionable accessory. The Bellabeat is shaped much like a flower seed and can be worn as a necklace, clip, or a two-band bracelet. It even comes in two different designs and colors, such as rose gold, grey, and black. The crystals models are even made with actual rose quartz and black onyx. The rest of the necklaces are made out of a mixture of composite wood and hypoallergenic stainless steel. The bracelet add-ons are made out of metal and leather, with no vegan options available.

You don’t need to worry about ruining your new fashion piece during a jog along the beach, either. The wood used to make the device is IPX grade 6.


Unlike many other fitness accessories, this one doesn’t have any flashing lights or ugly protruding buttons. All you need to do is put your necklace on and link it to the Bellabeat app once. Once linked, the app can track a variety of things, including your stress levels, meditation, sleep cycle, activity, and even your period. The app will constantly update with information to let you know what type of day you’re having. Even switching phones is easy, just download your account and log-in to automatically switch your device.

The app even has a special option for guided meditations to help you calm down after a long day.

Menstrual Tracking

I know that keeping track of your period can be tricky, even when your regular, it can be hard to remember just what day your last cycle started. You can update your period information in the app to have it automatically track and predict your next cycle. It can also give you a picture of your ovulation window. This is a great help for women looking to get or avoid being pregnant. As an added feature, you can even set a birth control reminder to make sure you’re protecting your body. If you do happen to conceive, then you can even use the tracker’s pregnancy tracker to help keep a detailed diary on your pregnancy experience.


If you’re like me, then remembering to charge everything after a stressful day just isn’t going to happen. Bellaleaf takes the stress out of nightly charging by using a small replaceable watch battery to power the system. This battery only needs to be replaced every six months and allows you to use the tracker around the clock. This can get a little costly compared to charitable batteries, and you may need a watch shop to switch out the batteries.

Price and Warranty

The price of this item is a bit trickier to pin down since it has so many variations. The luxury models tend to sit around the $200 price point while the crystal models are close to the $100 price point. The plain models usually go between $110 to $130, but the price fluctuates for each color. All trackers will come with a one-year limited warranty to cover any factory defects. Best of all, you can get a full refund within 30-days of purchase is the device isn’t working out.


Does Bellabeat leaf track heart rate?

No, sadly, the Bellabeat doesn’t have a heart rate monitor. The closest thing to a heart rate tracker the device has is the fitness tracker.

Is Bellabeat urban waterproof?

Yes, the Bellabeat is completely waterproof thanks to its composite wood materials. You can’t take the Bellabeat into the shower with you, though. The tracker is made to be splash resistant so that if you’re working out near water, it won’t be damaged. 

Why isn’t my Bellabeat tracking my steps?

One of the biggest problems with this fitness tracker is the fact it doesn’t always track steps correctly. As it turns out, wearing the tracker next to my purse can cause it to be bumped and count more steps than I’ve actually walked. Light steps, like walking quietly around my cat, also don’t tend to be tracker as often as the tracker is being kept mostly still when pinned to my clothes. When using the tracker, be sure to pin it to an area that won’t bump into other objects. If you need to tiptoe around a sleeping animal or person, then check the app to see if it’s tracking or not.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban

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