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Best Electric Wine Opener 2020

Hey, wine lover! You’ve got a place to stay and friends you enjoy spending time with so the only other thing you need is an electric wine opener. Well, of course, a bottle of wine, but that’s a given right? Whether you are just having a little get together or throwing a full-on ball nothing raises the class of an occasion quite like a  bottle of wine. With thousands of flavors, different years, and makes wine is possibly the most versatile beverage in the world. Sadly all that variety also comes with a notoriously difficult to work with design. There’s an interesting thing about human nature where we pay for class with extra effort. The science behind the need for the cork is very interesting as well, but we’re here to get the party started!

Right wine opener lets you get past all the effort and open your wine bottles as expediently and efficiently as possible. Adding an extra touch of panache and levity to an occasion the right electric wine opener will really make a statement. With technology improving every year you never know what you might find around the market. Which leads you to the ultimate electric wine opener buying guide. Along with the best electric wine opener reviews, we have all the knowledge you need to confidently handle your drink.

Best Electric Wine Openers List

Short Reviews

Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener

The Cuisinart electric wine opener is their premium addition to the market with a refined look and plenty of power as well. A black and stainless steel exterior combines a rubberized grip with brushed steel controls. The wine opener flows smoothly to the base with a foil cutter and holding compartment. A vacuum sealer is also included helping you keep your wine fresh. Even more impressive than the design is this machine’s ability to open 80 bottles on a single charge.

Cuisinart made sure this opener has the efficiency to match its solid design. With a beautiful mix of elegance and simplicity, this electric wine opener is built to impress.

Secura Electric Wine Opener

The Secura electric wine opener combines a smooth look with a pain-free operation to find its way into many homes. With a value price and the aesthetics to handle any modern kitchen this stainless steel design shines. Especially the LED blue light that runs during operation adding a bit of flash to the show. This light also comes on when it is fully charged for low light feng shui and functionality. The charger and base hold the included foil cutter for a succinct all in one package.

One button is used to remove the cork after the translucent bottom allows you to easily line it up. Another button removes the cork from the opener and you’re ready to go again. With the ability to open 30 bottles on a single charge the Secura electric wine opener is a sleek workhorse.

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener

The Oster rechargeable wine opener combines futuristic simplicity with functionality for a valuable addition to any wine drinkers arsenal. Sharp ergonomic design and one-touch operation allow users to near effortlessly open wine bottles. With the ability to open 30 bottles on a single charge this machine handles almost any occasion.

Red LED lights on the top and the charger allow you to know when it’s ready to go. The included wine chiller adds some extra convenience while it keeps your wine fresh. With an easy to use design and sturdy stainless steel build the Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener is solid

Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener

The Ozeri Nouveaux electric wine opener combines a distinctive appearance with full functionality to simplify the experience. The all in one design allows one switch to remove your corks with only one hand. A transparent base lets you easily line up your wine bottle and watch the machine operate. On the top, you can find a chrome dome that also acts as a foil cutter. With an innovative design and easy portability, this electric wine opener doesn’t require a base. Blue light comes on while charging letting you know when it’s ready. This affordable electric wine opener is one of the most self-sufficient models you’ll find.

Chefman Electric Wine Opener

The Chefman electric wine opener comes with a catalog of recipes to match to your favorite wines. However, the real flavor of this wine opener comes in its elegant design. Sleek from top to bottom the stainless steel leads into a transparent screw housing. This gives you a sturdy build along with the utility to easily line up your wine bottle.

The transparent bottom lights up with a LED blue glow while in use or charging. A black charging base provides an efficient and classy addition that holds the included foil cutter. Along with the look, a simple two-button control system allows for easy operation. Capable of 30 openings on a single charge the Chefman electric wine opener has looks and power.

Types of Wine Openers

It’s always nice to know where you came from even if you might not want to go back. Touchy relationships aside the world of wine openers is slightly less dramatic. Knowing the methods will help you understand the science so you can think on your feet. While owning the top electric wine openers might help you out in the majority of situations it won’t always be nearby. Nobody wants to rely on a backup but it is still nice to know its there. Here are all of the most popular options for wine bottle openers.

Traditional and Screwpull Corkscrews

The tried and true classic model has some advantages and other disadvantages that have people moving away from this style. They are still nice to have on hand in a pinch or to be kept as collector’s items. The design is very simple with only two parts. There is a handle on the top and a curved metal rod on the bottom. This rod called the worm is twisted into the cork. Once it is deep enough in you can pull the cork out.

 This takes considerable arm strength that many people struggle with. Due to the effort required these corkscrew can take longer to open and sometimes be a bit of a pain. On the other hand, they are usually the cheapest option and you can find a variety of portable options. With their affordability, it never hurts to have one in your collection even if it’s just used to test a prideful visitor’s strength.

Wine Keys and Waiter Corkscrews

Waiter CorkscrewsYou’ve likely seen one of these if you’ve been to a restaurant due to their size and versatility they are very popular with waiting staff. Wine keys and waiters corkscrews are two names for the same basic design that adds a level to the basic corkscrew. This lever gives you a resting point so you can pop the cork out. They require much less effort than traditional corkscrews, instead relying on technique to work.

The worm must be twisted into the center and screwed into a pretty precise depth. Finally, the lever has to move against the rim of the bottle at the right angle as well. If any of these is done wrong you might end up with a cork that won’t come out, or bits of cork floating around your drink. These cork openers also sometimes include a foil cutter. The swiss army knife of wine openers their affordability and portability make them popular. Once you get used to it the method isn’t too hard, though there are easier ways.


Winged Corkscrews

Definitely one of the most popular electric openers these take the process one step further by adding another element. A second lever is used to make opening a wine bottle that much easier by removing the need to angle properly. You simply screw the cork in as the two levers(wings) rise. You then push them back down to pop out the cork easily. That is unless you are opening an aged bottle of wine where they aren’t recommended. 

Due to the force of their operation, they can snap older corks becoming more of a detriment than a tool. This isn’t an issue for the average wine drinker though so it doesn’t really hurt their popularity. They aren’t great for portability either as the levers can force out the worm poking you while you rummage around. A rubber band around the levers can solve this though you’ll still need a durable corkscrew for that. Winged corkscrews are great for their ease of use and reliability with quality materials.

Lever Corkscrews

Taking ease of use another step further these wine openers are definitely the easiest option yet. They take the process into their own hands with handles that hold the wine bottle in place. After that, you will simply lower the screw with the use of their lever. Once it is in you can easily pull it back out for a painless, and smooth wine opening process. Since the mechanism is very self-reliant this type of opener doesn’t require any strength at all. As you would imagine this is a tremendous reason behind this opener’s popularity. Extremely well suited for those with carpal tunnel or other disabilities there aren’t any easier manual openers.

Due to their versatility, you can find these electric openers in many different varieties and designs from numerous companies. They are likely to be higher priced than the previous options though they are still pretty affordable. Their ease of use and cool designs have them rising in popularity for homeowners and event planners. Their biggest issue is some don’t work with synthetic corks. Make sure you check your model before you purchase it if you drink wine with synthetic corks.

Automatic and Electric Wine Openers

The reason we are here and without a doubt the easiest wine openers of all, electric wine openers are steadily improving. Along with a native easy operation, you never know what type of features you might find as well. Electric wine openers take power from batteries or by plugging into a power source. They are the easiest by far for opening wine with one-touch operation. Just simply place the device on top of the wine bottle press the button and voila!

 This level of ease seems to leave little room for improvement but you find an interesting variety of electric wine openers. Their operation makes them pricier than winged and waiter corkscrews. Though you will still find may with prices comparable to lever corkscrews. Electric wine openers are quickly becoming the most popular thanks to technology becoming more accessible. These types of wine openers are great gift ideas along with quintessential pieces of many modern households.

Legacy Wine Openers

Without a doubt the least popular wine openers still this guide would be remiss without mentioning these prestigious options. Not for everyone these wine openers are often sought by collectors more than anything else. Instead of focusing on ease and innovation these wine openers are a throwback to simpler times. These wine openers are known for their ornate and antique designs. If you don’t find one of these on a stand you’re likely to find it attached to some sort of mount. Once attached they bring a nice mix of decoration and functionality to any occasion. 

They most commonly use a method of opening similar to lever wine openers. This makes them relatively easy to use though they will often have the highest prices of all. They are also the farthest thing from portability you can find with a wine opener. The combination of design, size, and price can make finding a proper legacy wine opener quite the task. This is one of the main reasons these wine openers are mostly left for collectors.

Why Would You Choose an Electric Wine Opener?

Why Would You Choose an Electric Wine Opener?Now that you know all of the wine opener options, what is it that makes owning an electric wine opener the best? The obvious first answer is how incredibly easy they are to use. You can’t get any simpler than placing a top and pressing a button. They also open bottles very quickly making their ease just as efficient. They might cost more than winged corkscrews but their comparability to lever corkscrews often makes them the better choice for wine opening ease.

You won’t find a better solution for opening wine bottles if you have weak arm or hand strength. They are also can’t miss gifts in most situations even if their fate might be to be regifted right along. With a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from it’s always an interesting shopping experience.

Electric Wine Opener Features to Keep in Mind 

So now that you’ve come to understand the innate merits that make owning an electric wine opener a good idea. What are the features and qualities you need to look for to find the one that’s right for you? The answers are much more complex than you might expect. Next to instantaneous thought projection wine openers, there aren’t many places to go. With that being a few years away here you can find what to look out for in the meantime. There’s nothing worse than investing in a new gadget to show your friends than it breaking down in your time of need.


Possibly the most important aspect for any electric wine opener capacity is another name for battery life. With the majority of electric wine openers using removable or rechargeable batteries, this will decide how much use you get. The difference between grabbing a model with high charge and one lacking in capabilities can be pretty drastic. Being stuck without a wine opener in the middle of a party is one of the biggest party fouls possible. A solid electric wine opener should be capable of opening at least 30 bottles on a single charge. As technology progresses you can find openers that can open 80 or even hundreds of bottles on a single charge.


This can be a pretty broad topic when it comes to best electric wine openers and certainly should be kept in mind. Your wine opener is meant to exhibit a certain amount of style to match the style of their use. Opening a bottle of wine can be almost as much of a treat as drinking the bottle itself if properly done. An interesting design can be found ith an elegant finish, high-quality materials, both, or neither. The design is mostly about preference but there are a few things to look for. A coated worm can help with cork insertion preventing broken corks. You also want enough force to lever out the more stubborn corks.


With some electric wine openers reaching up to the larger legacies’ size this attribute is another personal one. Though size sometimes can have an effect on pneumatic force this isn’t always an issue. Size also pertains to the weight of your opener as you don’t want it to be large and unwieldy. Anything over two pounds is a bit too heavy as you can find many options down to one pound and lower. A solid height to look for is around 10 inches to reach a healthy medium. Your kitchen space is the primary consideration where size is concerned. Another thing to keep in mind is how portable you’d like your wine opener to be.


Everything has a purpose, or at least it should have one if you are going to spend your hard-earned money on it. Electric wine openers are no different though they benefit from having a wide variety of purposes. Is it going to be a gift? Do you open wine with synthetic corks often? How often are you going to use it? All of these and more can be important when considering which electric wine opener to purchase. Knowing the difference between whether you need a portable wine opener or something sleek for your next big soiree is important.


The accessories are often the bells and whistles for any electric wine opener package. They will rarely define the purchase but the utility and features they can provide could become invaluable. One of the most common features in a foil cutter for getting to the cork easily. Even there, designs can vary widely from safe storage compartments to rough attachments. 

Higher-end models can have features like an aerator to reduce the time needed for the wine to breathe. Wine pourers and stoppers are more common accessories you can look out for. Another accessory example is a companion chiller for keeping your wine cool without the need for an ice bucket. You might also look for versions with wine preservers that will seal your bottles to prevent wastage. There are many options here though most if not all can be purchase separately.

Ease of Use/Functionality

Perhaps a no brainer because a difficult to use electric wine opener really defeats the purpose. However, even when it comes to the easiest options you can buy there are going to be levels. While the basic operations are simple you can also sometimes find extra functionality in certain electric wine openers. Essentially though an electric wine opener’s operation should be easy as possible. A good sign of an easy to use electric wine opener is actually a lack of buttons. You only need one or two buttons to get the job done.


This is an easy area to make a mistake when you confuse it with design. No matter how flashy an electric wine opener looks it isn’t much use if it’ll break after ten bottles. The quality can sometimes be hard to test though especially when purchasing online. Here you really want to focus on the materials and your purpose to get the needed quality. Most best electric wine openers are made of stainless steel or wood. Which one works for you will depend on your preference. Just make sure that you steer away from plastic as much as possible.


This is an aspect of electric wine openers that can be hard to detect. It is still pretty important though especially for those who drink aged wine often. There’s nothing worse than spending a bunch on an exotic bottle of wine. Only to bring it home and destroy it by polluting the liquid with hundreds of little cork pieces. The leverage a wine opener creates is going to be one of the biggest factors in making sure the cork is removed cleanly. Some corks will be too old and decayed to be saved. Though in the best electric wine opener reviews you can find options that are near perfect.


While electric wine openers will rarely compete for the most dangerous item in your country it’s still a factor to keep in mind. There is a general rule that the cheaper you go the more danger is likely. Corded options can be dangerous depending on where they are placed and outlet options. Despite being used for opening wine you can find varying levels of water resistance as well. Most wine openers are made for indoor use as well so outdoor safety features could be worth considering. Always make sure you read your instruction manual before operating an electric wine opener.

Screw Size

With it often being hidden behind some sort of casing this is often a neglected area when purchasing an electric wine opener. A misproportioned screw is one of the surest ways to end up with a bottle of cork flavored wine. The right sized screw is, therefore, one of the most important parts of an electric wine opener. You should look for a screw that at least 1.75 inches in length. A bit longer isn’t too much of an issue but a smaller screw size should be avoided if possible.


The most worrisome thing about electronics has always been how long they are built to last. With technology constantly improving you’d hope to at least get a less functional version you can count on. Manual wine openers are traditionally much more reliable than electric. Still, many manufacturers do their best to make sure customers are happy with their products. There are a few things to keep in mind about durability.  The fewer parts the less likely it’ll break and the easier it’ll be to fix. You can also expect electric wine openers made of metal to last longer than plastic counterparts.


The gift and the curse of electronics are you will likely always find a warranty included because anything can happen. From a power surge to faulty parts, there’s no end to the ways electronic figure out how to break. Fixing these issues can sometimes be enough to make you need to make another purchase. Having a good warranty can be your lifeline when disaster strikes. Some electric wine openers will have solid warranties while others won’t have one at all. It’s always advisable to choose a product with a warranty over one without one. Some manufacturers are very wise about their product’s lives. It never hurts to grab an extra year if you can.


Most electronic wine openers are affordable so there isn’t too much to worry about. Just like other products its important to realize the price isn’t always equal to the value. Electric wine openers have a relatively wide price range though you’ll very rarely spend over $100. Even spending over $50 will likely come with a high-end electric wine opener. The majority of automatic wine bottle openers will be found between the $20-$40 range. If you find yourself spending any more than that the electric wine opener should have pretty extreme features.

Exclusive Features of Electric Wine Openers

An electric wine opener by nature is relatively simplistic with a design so specific it takes three words to pronounce. Still, the top electric openers often offer abilities that separate them from the pack. For example, you might find one with an improved battery allowing 120 uses on a single charge. What about synthetic and natural corks? The ability to remove synthetic corks is also something to look out for as lower-end models will struggle here. Nicer designs are common as well like the gold and matte navy blue Rabbit electric wine openers.


With all this information hopefully, you have a better idea of how to find the right electric wine opener for you. There are soo many options though it can certainly be a bit overwhelming. The most important thing is finding something you can be happy with. If that means spending a bit more for a smaller design or better battery life so be it. There are a variety of cool-looking options available that make finding the right one for you easier than you’d think. As long as you can settle on a design you like with a price you can afford you are almost there.


How does an electric wine opener work?

Electric wine openers work very similarly to their manual counterparts. They just use the power of electricity to create their leverage and force instead of you. All automatic wine bottle openers have a screw that will drill itself into the cork at the press of a button. They will then automatically pull out your cork with their own internal action. Many electric wine openers use springs for the power to pull the cork out once it is wedged in. Most electric openers will have another function or button that removes the cork from the screw after its removal.

What is the best quality electric wine opener?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple answer here that made everything easy? The are many great options on the market with dozens of solid brands competing for the top stop. Your choice will always depend on what you are looking for and there will often be an equally solid option around the corner. You can’t go wrong with a Brookstone for their high-end models with innovative features. Then there’s Epicureanist with their atmospheric blue lights and quick charging abilities. Almost every brand has products that will shine so you’re going to have to figure out this on for yourself.