Best No Equipment At Home Workouts

Not everyone wants to feel their home with fitness equipment or a stair stepper. If you’re like me and like focused workouts for losing weight, then all you need is a yoga mat, and even that’s optional. The workouts below will help you gain muscle and lose weight without wasting your day.

Best At Home Workouts

These workouts will all target the three primary zones of your body for full muscle building and balanced weight loss.

The Plank Workout

The Plank Workout takes around five minutes to complete and works out your core. This workout uses four different plank positions that are repeated over the course of five minutes.


To do this exercise get in a high plank position. You will then move your right elbow down and then your left. You will then raise back up with your right hand and then raise up with your left hand. Repeat this twenty times and then move on to high planking.

High Planking

Next, you will simply need to hold the high-plank position for around forty seconds before moving on to hip planking.

Hip Planking

For this position, come down onto your elbows until they are flat against the map. Keep your feet in the same posture and begin to roll your hips from side to side. As soon as you touch your right hip to the map, switch to the left. Repeat this twenty times and move to shoulder planking.

Shoulder Planking

For this exercise, go back into high plank and begin by touching your right hand to your left shoulder. Next, use your left hand to touch your right shoulder and alternate between the two. You will need to do this for twenty reps before going back to the up/down exercise. Cycle through these four positions until five minutes have passed.

Leg Toning at Home Workout

The leg toning workout targets your glutes, thighs, and lowers legs. This another best at home workout uses five different exercises over the course of five minutes to give you toning that you will love.

Stretch Jump

To start, we are going to jump and stretch out our legs. To do this, take a small leap into the air, and land with one leg stretched out backward alternating between your legs a total of twenty times.


For the next step, you will go a little lower. Spread out your legs as if you are going to sit in a chair and the squat until you are level with your bent knees. Slowly raise back up and then drop back into the squatting position, repeat this for thirty seconds and move on to thigh stretches.

Thigh Stretches

For this, you will want to sit on your knees with your upper legs fully extended. You will then want to hold your arms all the way towards the sky. Quickly pull one arm down to where your elbow is fully bent and then back up again. Quickly alternate between arms for thirty seconds before moving to leg ups.

Leg Ups

Leg ups will have you lean back using your arms to support your weight. You will want to fully stretch one leg out and do a backward push up using your arms until your butt touches the mat. You will want to switch which leg is being held stretched out after each backward sit-up. This will need to be done for thirty seconds before moving on to scissor kicks.

Scissor Kicks

This next exercise is simple and will let your backrest before cycling back. Simply lay down flat and raise your legs up an angle. Switch crossing your legs over each other and hold this position for 20 reps.

Upper Body at Home Workout

Traditionally, upper body workouts are dumb with dumbells or exercise balls. As it turns out, these exercises can easily be done without the use of equipment for a quick workout.

Overhead Press

This an exercise that you may be familiar with if you ever owned a pair of weights. You will simply need to hold at your arms straight and bend your elbow so that your fists are pointed upwards. You will then stretch your arms all the way out towards the ceiling and bring them back into the previous position.

Since we don’t have weights, we are going to hold your arms upwards for five seconds and then bring them back down. Do this for a minute switch to push-ups.


For a proper push up stretch your legs all the way out and hold your body up with your toes and hands. Be sure to keep your arms at an exact 90 -angle and make sure your body stays straight. You will want to push up slowly and then come back down to a 90-degree angle. Do this for about thirty seconds and then switch to side stretches.

Side Stretches

This exercise will have you stretch on your side at an angle. You will want to completely stretch out one arm to the ground and hold on to the sky. You will hold this position for thirty seconds exactly before switching to the other side for another thirty seconds. After you are through, begin again with overhead presses.


Can I use fitness tracker during workout?

Yes, of course, choose the fitness tracker that best suits your needs, you can also use Apple watch.

Is a 10-minute workout enough?

It’s hard to say what will be an effective workout as muscle building and weight loss will vary from person to person. The most important thing to remember is to do the exercises in the evening before dinner or early in the morning. Weigh yourself daily and keep a diary of any weight gain or loss. Check with your doctor if you believe you are having trouble losing weight.

What is the best At Home Workout for weight loss?

This is another question that will vary from person to person. In general, though, planking, squats, and push-ups have all been proven to be great workouts over the years. Make sure to repeat the pattern at the same time every day and give your body a day of rest so that your muscles can repair themselves properly.