Best Vegetable Chopper of 2020

Every kitchen should have a way to efficiently and quickly chop vegetables for meals. Whether you are a parent preparing meals for a large family or an aspiring chef, the right vegetable chopper will save you time and stress in the kitchen. Not to mention tears from all the onions. Here is a list of some of the most useful and best-priced vegetable choppers you can add to your personal cooking space. Keep reading below to find a chopper that fits your style and budget.

Manual Vegetable Choppers

If you like having complete control over your cooking then a manual chopper is for you. Manual choppers let you personally control the speed and size of your vegetables. These are also the most likely option to be dishwasher safe.


Mueller Pro Vegetable Chopper

The Mueller is a nice addition to any kitchen. This chopper is 11 inches long, 5 inches wide, and about 4 inches deep. It is a standard press style manual vegetable chopper. This chopper comes with two different 420-grade stainless steel blades with different sizes, one 6.8 mm dicer, and one 13.6 mm dicer. The 6.8 mm dicer is designed for harder vegetables such as carrots. The 13.6 mm dicer is better suited for softer ones like peppers.

The catch tray can hold up to 4 cups of diced vegetables and is clear, so you always know how much you have already chopped. All of the components are FDA approved, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. This allows for easy cleanup. It comes with a brush for cleaning out the blades and the lid between ingredients. It weighs less than 2 pounds, which makes it a perfect option if you are traveling to cook meals for large groups. The Muller Austria sells for a reasonable price of $20 and comes with a lifetime warranty for replacements.


Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Another great choice for a home chopper is the Fullstar. It has a similar design as most manual vegetable choppers. A simple press of the lid, and you have evenly chopped vegetables for your favorite recipes. This chopper is 11 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and about 5 inches deep.

The catch tray can hold up to 4 cups of diced vegetables and is clear with measurement lines on the side, so you know exactly how much you have chopped. The bottom of the catch tray is rubber, so that it doesn’t slide around while chopping. Fullstar also comes with four interchangeable blades, including a spiral cutting blade for salads. You can purchase a Fullstar Vegetable Chopper for $20, and it comes with a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t perform to your standards. 

The Original Vidalia Chop Wizard

Vidalia Chop Wizard

The Original Vidalia Chop Wizard is another great choice for a kitchen vegetable chopper. It measures out to 11 inches long and weighs a little over a pound, for easy storage. The white and green plastic lid and clear container are both dishwasher safe and BPA free. The clear catch tray has a 2 cup capacity and has markings on the side for measurements.

It comes with two different stainless steel blade inserts for different sized vegetable dicing, one for ¼ inch cubes and one for ½ inch cubes. The straightforward design allows you to quickly and safely chop vegetables in one fluid motion. This vegetable chopper sells for $35 and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Electric Vegetable Chopper

An electric vegetable chopper allows you to prep other parts of your meal while your vegetables chop.


Aobosi Electric Vegetable Chopper

The Aobosi is a great choice if you are not looking for a manual chopper. This chopper has a 7 cup capacity in its glass BPA-free bowl. The bowl itself is dishwasher safe and has a line indicating max capacity on the side. The Aobosi has a 300 watt motor with a high and low speed. Just put your vegetables into the bowl and hold down the button till they are chopped to your preferred consistency.

It stands at 13.5 inches tall, 9 inches around, and weighs about 5 lbs. This vegetable chopper has a built-in brake safety feature. If the motor is removed from the bowl, the chopper will automatically turn off. The Aobosi won’t break the bank either, selling for about $35 online, and it comes with a one year warranty. 


How does a vegetable chopper work?

Most choppers are manual. This keeps everything safe and allows for different blade sizes to dice vegetables. To start chopping your ingredients, you just place the vegetable on top of the blades. Next, press the top lid down until the vegetable is diced. Once you have chopped enough vegetables for your whole meal, you can pop off the lid and collect your evenly diced ingredients. 

What is the best way to chop vegetables?

The best way to chop vegetables is with a vegetable chopper. It is less work for you than using a knife, cuts ingredients in more consistent chunks, and hinders the eye-watering side effects of vegetables such as onions.

If you are fixing meals for large amounts of people, you should consider an electric chopper to make life easier for you. They come with larger containers that can chop more vegetables at once and don’t require as much physical work

What is the best food chopper on the market?

The best manual food chopper on the market is without a doubt the Muller. It has good quality components; the blades are 420-grade stainless steel and resistant to dulling after prolonged use. It holds a good amount of vegetables in one go if you are feeding an average-sized family. This vegetable chopper also comes at a great price of only $20 and has a lifetime warranty for replacements, so if it wears out from making too much salsa, you can get another one.  

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