Chefman Electric Wine Opener Review

With a long-standing history in the kitchen industry Chefman hopes to bring their expertise to wine with this electric wine opener. Their experience is instantly apparent with this model’s design and attention to detail. Multiple creative moves make for a very nice picture on the surface when compared to the competition.

It still has enough faults however that it won’t appeal to everyone. No Chefman electric wine opener review would be complete without a diagnosis of how its value matches up with style. Just how well did Chefman’s culinary expertise carry over?

Chefman Electric Wine Opener Review
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Easy to use
  • LED blue light adds a nice touch
  • Doesn’t have any standout features
  • A bit heavier than other options
  • Decent amount of plastic

Chefman Electric Wine Opener Features


Don’t be surprised when you blush at the sight of the Chefman electric wine opener from across the room. Personal self control aside this Chefman should make an attractive addition to almost any modern kitchen. The main part of this electric wine opener is made almost entirely of stainless steel. Right below the Chefman logo, you will find a transparent base that houses the screw. Commonly known as the worm this clear covering allows you to easily see it at work. It also helps with lining the wine bottle up for an efficient job well done.

Two buttons on the center of the Chefman will allow you to easily operate the machine for cork removal. Meanwhile on the bottom soft LED blue lights add a cool glow to operation and let you know when charging is complete. The light is great for a bit of ambiance while not being jarring on the eyes. Sadly, blue, silver and black are the only colors you’ll find as the silver design is the only one currently available. The elegant simplicity of the silver and blue light isn’t to be underestimated, however.

The base looks almost as good as the wine opener with its black embossed stainless steel. It includes a holder for the included foil cutter. The Chefman electric wine opener with foil cutter’s charging base is a bit smaller than the competition. The base is also a bit more defined than the comparable one of the Secura model. While this Chefman is only 2 pounds that still puts it towards the heavier side. At the same time, a shorter height of 12.2 inches makes for quite the conundrum. It isn’t too much towards either way though making these only factors in extreme cases. With an overall appeal that is nothing if not elegant, the similarity to Secura’s solid design is the only gripe.


Following up on the admirable design the performance of the Chefman electric wine opener with foil cutter also shines. You can expect an easy future when it comes to wine opening with this machine’s efficiency. Capable of removing all types of corks the transparent bottom helps keep the process smooth. With the easy lining, all you have to do is put slight pressure on the cork. Then press the button and sit back as it goes to work. Within seconds the cork will be removed from the bottle. With another button press, it will spin in reverse to release the cork with no residue.

In conjunction with the smooth and simple operation, the Chefman stainless steel electric wine opener has decent endurance as well. The Chefman wine opener is capable of opening up to 30 bottles on a single charge. This is a pretty respectable rate as the industry standard the majority of the competition aims for. However, the charge time isn’t too great as the 8 hours required are on the higher end for the market. You can count on the Chefman to be quiet though and it’s still one of the easiest to use options.


If you are looking for a bunch of cool accessories the Chefman wine opener probably won’t cut it for you. It does, however, have one nice accessory wine drinker should be able to appreciate. The included foil cutter even has a seat on the base for easy storage. While it might not be the sturdiest seat the stylish foil cutter is a nice touch.


If the overall solid appeal of this package doesn’t sell you the price can certainly help. While it isn’t exactly cheap, a price ranging from $20 to $30 shouldn’t break many budgets. This puts it right around the lower range for best electric wine openers if you’re lucky. You won’t find many more features without spending much more. There might be a few models with more value at a slightly lower or similar price point. Still, the look of this model and blue light make it worth consideration for style alone.


Secura may be angry with them but you can leave the debate to the companies as this model looks great. It is a shame that Chefman didn’t take their product a step further to really differentiate itself. There aren’t any issues with doing the job or many more attractive options. A solid fit into any kitchen that checks all of the boxes without pushing any limits. Even if it isn’t for you the looks alone make it the perfect gift for any occasion.


How do you use the Chefman electric wine opener?


The general operation of this wine opener is a relatively simple procedure. Simply place the opener over the wine bottle using the transparent bottom to line up. Then press the top button to automatically remove the cork. A depression of the bottom button will then cause the screw to spin in the opposite direction releasing the cork.