Cowin E7 Pro Review

The upgrade over the original Cowin E7 headphones the pro’s aim to keep them as a popular option for budget-conscious noise-canceling headphones. With looks more eye-popping than many premium options, the Cowin E7 pro headphones have their merits. The active noise cancellation at a low price point isn’t to be ignored, but how does it stack up to the industry leaders?

A powerful driver upgrade was made that helps get these headphones closer to the top in sound quality. With solid battery and pretty much every notion taken care of these Bluetooth headphones could make shopping easy. Though when you’re trying to put everything into an affordable package you are bound to miss in some areas. This Cowin headphones review will help you stack up its worth.

Cowin E7 Pro review
  • Very affordable at the lower end for feasible noise-canceling technology
  • Attractive chrome design
  • A solid upgrade over the E7
  • A bit heavier and bulkier than some of the competition
  • No features beyond active noise control
  • Better sound quality can be found in lower price non-noise-canceling option

Cowin e7 Pro features

Sound Quality

You can tell that sound was an area of consideration for the upgrade as these do sound better than their predecessors. With active noise cancellation often making headphones sound unbearably tinny these handle the job decently. You should be able to hear a decent balance between all the Highs, Mids, and Lows. The bass doesn’t exactly pump though so don’t expect much more than your standard earbuds. The 45mm drivers do give you a wider range over the old 40mm drivers. The sound overall is a nice improvement over the classic E7 though it doesn’t lead any packs.

Battery Life

Everyone can appreciate electronics with great battery life and it seems the Cowin E7 pro follows through with this belief. The lazy and forgetful can rejoice as these headphones pack a solid 800 mAh battery. This will allow you to reach 30 hours of playback time on a full charge. This is slightly off advertised though you can certainly expect well over 20 hours reaching towards 30. The older 4.0 Bluetooth technology does affect its battery a bit when newer models use 4.1 or better.


The design is one of the strongest aspects for the Cowin E7 Pro’s though they don’t knock it out of the park everywhere. On first glance, the visual appeal of these headphones is quite apparent The chromes earcup styling matches up to and even beats higher-end headphones at a beauty competition. The Cowin E7 Pro is noticeably lighter than their predecessor weight in at 0.80 pounds. That weight still makes them heavier than most of the competition for one of the heavier headphones on the market. 

The earpads don’t help in what is overall a pretty bulky look. They also missed a step with the earcup pads. Even though the leatherette material is comfortable their design could leave painful hot zones over extended use. 90-degree rotation on the earcups and a flexible headband allow for pretty solid portability. The design is primarily plastic, however, which does contribute to a feeling that some might consider cheap. You can find these headphones in multiple colors to suit your preference including red, black, blue, and pink. While they might not be comfortable hours in, the design is relatively appealing to look at.


This is an area where the Cowin E7 Pro is pretty bereft though it makes sense with the budget-priced noise cancellation. The active noise cancellation is the only real feature of note here. While it won’t perform to the level you might find with Bose or Sony the noise cancellation is adequate. You will also have the option to toggle noise cancellation on and off during wired or wireless use. It is disappointing to not find a smartphone app working along to provide more features and control.  A built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling but doesn’t interact with noise cancellation. The other biggest features might be an included auxiliary cable and sturdy carrying case.


Of course, as one of our budget picks you can expect this noise-canceling headphone to be relatively light on the wallet. With a price of around $80, it fits the minimum for what you’d like to spend on wireless noise-canceling headphones. When you back that up with exceptional battery life there’s a lot to like. While the noise cancellation and sound quality might not compete with the big dogs the value is there. You can find better-sounding headphones without noise cancellation for less though.

Cowin E7 Pro Headphones Review Conclusion

The Cowin E7 Pro is not made for everyone with a bit more girth than you’d like in headphones. To make up for that you have an attractive design that should turn heads. Then you’re knocked back down again by a sound quality that isn’t spectacular by any means. The Cowin E7 Pro is an affordable entrance into the noise-cancelling headphone market though. A solid option for those introducing themselves to the technology. The affordability of this model makes it great for the masses.


How does Noise Cancellation work?

Active noise cancellation is pretty complicated with plenty of long explanations. The simplest way to put it is active noise cancellation nullifies exterior sound by producing opposite but equal sound waves. What is difference between noise canceling and noise isolating? Read here.

What is the difference between Cowin e7 and e7 pro?

The first thing you’ll notice is a $20 price increase. Though for that increase you get better performance and a better build. When those are are the two most important parts of headphones it’s certainly worth the upgrade.

How do I pair my Cowin e7 Pro?

Upon turning on they will connect to Bluetooth when the pairing slider is turned on. Then all you have to do is find them through your Bluetooth capable device.

Cowin E7 Pro Headphones Manual

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Cowin E7 Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones

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