Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener Review

Very few people are unaware of Cuisinart’s reputation in the kitchen industry with a wide variety of products to purchase. The Cuisinart cordless rechargeable wine opener is one of their latest forays into hopefully your home. With a sharp exterior, that hints at great power beneath the surface.

The Cuisinart electric wine opener has a formidable look from a distance. This Cuisinart electric wine opener review will dig into whether they’ve created another winner. Does their premium wine opener the Cuisinart wine opener CWO-50 take advantage of its pedigree or excel on its own?

Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener Review
  • Outstanding 80 openings per charge
  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Multiple accessories
  • A bit heavier than some of the competition
  • No transparent screw area
  • Not exactly cheap

Cuisinart cordless wine opener features


With the majority of electric wine openers opting for a full silver stainless steel design Cusinarts primarily black design is a breath of fresh air. It isn’t all for show either as the black color camouflages the rubberized grip. This helps to make this one of the most comfortable electric wine openers to use in its price range. Special grips are usually a premium feature but this one goes well with the stainless steel control switch and base. The overall look of this wine opener is very appealing. The only issue is a lack of transparency around the screw area can make lining up wine bottles difficult.

The base looks almost as elegant as the wine opener with more use of stainless steel and black. Unfortunately, this is the only color profile available for this model at the moment. The u-shape and curved design of the base allow it to easily fit into any modern kitchen. At the bottom, you can find a compartment for the included foil cutter. This compartment is more secure than the average foil cutter holder found in the price range. A red light lets you know when you’ve reached full power. While a green light will inform you when this model is charging.


Cuisinart Gift IdeaWith a weight of nearly 3 pounds, this model is a bit heavier than the majority of the competition.  A just about a full pound might come to matter if you have issues with holding objects properly.

The vertical height reaches up to nearly 16 inches making it right about average while edging towards the taller side. This electric wine opener is bold in a variety of ways making it an interesting addition to any kitchen. The refined look makes it a great gift idea.


It would really be a shame if Cuisinart backed up all that beautiful brushed stainless steel with a defunct product. Thankfully, that isn’t the case as this electric wine opener is just about as easy to use as it is to look at. A two-button operation makes directions almost unnecessary as you simply go through the process. Once you’ve lined up the wine bottle with a bit of pressure and the press of a button the cork is removed automatically. A press of the other button will spin the screw in the reverse direction removing the cork. Just like that, you are ready to open another bottle. 

Opening wine bottles is certainly this model’s specialty as it surpasses most of the competition here. With the majority of electric wine openers aiming for 30 openings per charge, an impressive one can do 40. Cuisinart tool that a step further and just doubled it so you get a whopping 80 openings per charge. The 8 hour charge time isn’t bad at all considering that some other electric wine openers need that for 30 openings.


Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener AccessoriesThe additional accessories are part of what makes the Cuisinart electric wine opener package shine. With most electric wine openers around its range going for just a single foil cutter.

This model goes a step further by including a vacuum sealer as well. This allows you to remove the air from your wine bottle helping to preserve its taste and freshness. It isn’t all good, however, as the included foil cutter isn’t of the highest quality. Included foil cutters usually aren’t anything special but this one could really use sharper blades.


With all of the good things that have been said about this Cuisinart cordless rechargeable wine opener, it can’t last forever. Luckily, when the other foot drops it comes with a price range that isn’t too tough to handle. You can usually find this model between $30 and 40$. Which puts it toward the upper end of mid-range electric wine openers. This isn’t too bad considering the higher end models take a considerable price leap from here. With the aesthetics and included accessories, the value is apparent.


The Cuisinart CWO-50 may not be the cheapest electric wine opener on the market but the price is hardly a factor. A classy design with a comfortable feel help to make it easy to handle. The additional accessories also add some nice flair. It isn’t needed, however, as Cuisinart has done pretty well once again. 80 bottles on one charge are ridiculous and looking good while doing it always helps.


How to change batteries in the Cuisinart cordless wine opener?


This electric wine opener uses a rechargeable NiMH battery which should only be removed and replaced by the manufacturer or a trained professional.

What to do if the corks stuck with a Cuisinart cordless wine opener?

It always helps to give the wine bottle a little twist at the end of the wine openers process if you’re worried about stuck corks.