Decibullz Percussive Filters Review

Anyone who has taken the time to try shooting or hunting will quickly realize the importance of quality noise protection. Aiming to fix that issue in a very creative way the Decibullz Percussive Filters are an interesting piece of technology. Without using any electricity they claim to provide excellent noise control while custom fitting your individual ears. With those bold claims, the methods of execution are pretty interesting for these custom shooting earplugs.

Their price point hovers around $75 making them pretty competitive with professional earmuffs. It doesn’t take many electronic earplugs for shooting reviews to see the value if these custom hearing protectors follow through.

  • Extreme levels of noise protection for shooting
  • You can still hear people talking while wearing them
  • Comfortably moldable to your individual ear
  • No electricity required
  • Voices will be a bit quieter
  • Doesn’t amplify non-percussive sounds
  • Might not mold perfectly for especially small ear canals

Decibullz Percussive Filters Features

An Innovative Alternative

With amplified ear muffs being the best way to shoot while hearing for a long time the Decibullz approach is a bit different. You will still be able to hear people talking but their voices won’t be amplified.

These custom shooting earplugs have a powerful filter that limits strong percussive sounds while allowing you to hear others. While noise-canceling headphones and amplified ear muffs use batteries these earplugs for shooting can accomplish this without any electricity. The percussive filters offer incredible protection when dealing with high impulse and percussive sounds. With certification for up to 166 dB, there are very few sounds in existence that can make it through.

These earplugs are made to fit comfortably into your ear circumventing the main issue with using ear muffs for shooting. When you are trying to rest a rifle properly a nudge can make your earmuffs useless while simultaneously destroying concentration. Once you have properly molded your Decibullz that will be a thing of the past. For normal levels of talking Decibullz is rated at 10 NRR. That gives you slightly quieter voices while still canceling out the dangerous noise.

Custom Comfort Goes a Long Way

The coolest factor about these molded earplugs is their ability to be molded for almost any ear. Every pair of Decibullz looks the same on arrival but by following the instructions you can mold for any ear. The procedure is relatively simple as well and can be repeated as many times as you need. All you need is boiling water to start the process. Just toss the plug in the water, wait 5 minutes and remove, let it cool 30 seconds then replace the filter. After that, you can press it into your ear and wait 5 minutes for it to set. With one ear done you can move onto the next one

This method allows you to get perfectly form-fitting earplugs that you won’t have to worry about falling out. They will be so snug the best way to remove them will be to press on your earlobe to pop them out. Some users with smaller ears reported an inability to get a perfect mold due to the amount of plastic. After molding the earplugs will be hard but still comfortable thanks to their form-fitting. This lets you wear these earplugs all day long without worrying about any discomfort. Another one of the biggest issues with earmuffs is how uncomfortable they can become after extended use.

Decibullz Percussive Filters Review Conclusion

The Decibullz Percussive Filters aren’t for anyone who is just looking for standard earbuds. With their impressive design and capabilities, they are pretty nice especially for being electricity-free. If you enjoy shooting or hunting you won’t find many better companions to bring along with you on your trip. While it would be nice if they were more visible instead of black they certainly get the job done.


Are earplugs safe for shooting?

Yes, earplugs are safe for shooting just not every set of earbuds. If you can try to make sure that your earbuds are certified for shooting. You don’t have to look for anything specific though other than a high NRR(Noise Reduction Rating). The general safe rating to look for is at least 22 dB.

Are earplugs or earmuffs better for shooting?

Even though earmuffs are the traditional method for shooting, earplugs are rapidly rising in popularity. Earmuffs are great for their one size fits all use as a simple solution. Earplugs are however superior in many respects. By fitting into your ear canal they can be even more secure. This allows them to also provide higher levels of noise reduction. On the other hand, the wrong earplugs won’t fit in your ear properly making them essentially worthless.

What hearing protection do professional shooters use?

While most shooting ranges will be full of shooters wearing earmuffs, the real professionals actually prefer earplugs. Soldiers in the military will commonly use earplugs for protection if it is a concern. Often due to their effect on overall communications, no form of ear protection is used, however.