Fitbit Alta HR Review

Fitness trackers have had a huge impact on the way we all look at our health and fitness. They give us a window into our day to day habits that allows you to make the changes necessary to improve yourself. Not everyone likes a bulky fitness tracker on their wrist. If this describes you, then the Fitbit Alta HR will be a great choice. 

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR Features

The Alta HR is an improved model of their already classic Alta. It has a sleek and slim profile at only 15 mm thick. This makes it perfect if you want to track your fitness but don’t want a clunky fitness tracker standing out on your wrist. The screen is just big enough to display information clearly but not add any bulk. It connects using Bluetooth to your smartphone and can notify you when you get texts or calls by vibration. 


The band is made of silicon to ensure it isn’t damaged by sweat or water. It comes in multiple colors, such as black, blue, coral, and fuchsia. The band is replaceable, so you don’t have to settle for just one color. The Alta HR bands come in three sizes. The small fits wrists 5.5 to 6.7 inches, large goes up to 8.1 inches, and XL fits up to a 9.3 inches. 


The Alta HR is a great daily use tracker. It has a 24/7 heart rate monitor, VO2 Max sensor, and a three-axis accelerometer. All these sensors allow you to track trends inactivity, heart rate, stress, and elevation change. The Alta HR gives you everything you need to make healthy changes in your life and highlight unhealthy trends. 

If you wake up feeling like you finished fighting the sandman instead of sleeping, then a tracker like the Alta HR may be helpful. This tracker can track when you fall asleep, how long you sleep, and how much you were restless. It logs all the information in the apps so you can change negative trends for erratic sleep patterns.One of the reasons this is a simpler fitness tracker that it’s Charge series brother is its lack of exercise tracking. The Alta tracks some exercises through the app automatically, such as running, but it doesn’t have the same range as the bulkier trackers.

Menstrual tracking

Fitbit’s like the Alta HR can be helpful for females if you want to track your menstrual cycle. Paired with the app, you can track when your period starts and ends. It will estimate when your next period will start and when you have a fertile window. It also attempts to estimate your ovulation date. 


Like most of Fitbit’s fitness trackers, the Alta HR boasts a long battery life. It can stay on your wrist and work continuously for a full week without having to charge it. The charger is proprietary and has to be clipped to the back of the tracker using two clamps on either side.

Price and Warranty

The Fitbit Alta HR is a great tracker for the price and can usually be found for around $95 if you do some shopping. This is a decent price point in between the other models. Fitbit also has a one year warranty that covers repair or replacement for defects under daily use. 


What is the difference between Alta and Alta HR?

The major difference is the addition of the heart rate sensor in the Alta HR, which gives it more capability than the Alta. It still retains the slim nature of the Alta. One other improvement is increased battery life in the Alta HR, even with the additional heart rate sensor. 

How long to charge Fitbit Alta hr?

From a completely dead battery, it only takes this fitness tracker 2 hours to charge to full. If you charge it regularly when you are taking a short break or hitting the shower, you shouldn’t need to worry about a dead battery.

How do I get text messages on my Fitbit Alta HR?

If your Alta HR is synced to your smartphone, it will notify you of text messages by vibrating. It will display the message on the screen for you to read, but with the slim nature of this tracker, it can be difficult. The tracker will also only show up to 40 characters on screen at a time. 

How to reset a Fitbit Alta hr?

Resetting your Alta HR may be necessary to fix a software issue or erase your personal data. You will have to attach the charging cable to your tracker, clipping it on the back. Plug the cable into a USB slot and locate the small button on the USB side of the cable. You have to press this button three times with about one second in between each press. The Alta HR should vibrate and display the Fitbit symbol. This resets your Alta without erasing your information. To clear all your information, you will need to sync the tracker to a new Fitbit account. This erases all information and resets the tracker to factory settings. 

Fitbit Alta HR

9.3 Total Score
Very Good!

  • Slim and simple design
  • Long battery life
  • Hard to read in direct sunlight
  • Proprietary charging cable
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