How to install a hidden camera?

You’ve got it, it’s finally time to find the truth but first, how to install the hidden camera. Going with a natural camouflage camera can sometimes be a poor option. When you really need to hide a camera from someone clever they just won’t cut it. That’s when you need to know how to install a hidden camera to get the upper hand. Taking the time to do your own installation can save a lot of money. Natural camouflage cameras often cost more and might be a bit suspicious in their simplicity. Spy camera installation can seem like a daunting task. However, if you read along you’ll certainly find a solution that fits your needs.

How to set up a hidden camera in your bathroom

set up a hidden camera in bathroomHaving a hidden camera setup in your bathroom can be extremely helpful for a variety of reasons. Whether you are looking out for loved ones, protecting your pill stash, or preserving the sovereignty of your electric toothbrush installing a hidden camera can fix the problem. Figuring out where to install isn’t too hard with many solid locations in most bathrooms. For example sockets, heating ducts, a two-way mirror, cloth hangar, or perfume sprayer. Perhaps the best spot is your ceiling vents where a properly placed camera can see the whole room.

Make sure you have a camera that can work in low light with a high resolution and double-check your camera angle. Buying a camera disguised as a lightbulb is a simple way to make a bathroom installation easy. Electrical sockets, clothes hooks, and toothbrush boxes are other popular designs for bathroom hidden cameras. You will probably want expert help for installation in a two-way mirror, or to buy one with a camera preinstalled. For personal spy camera installation though the vent is the way to go as it’ll avoid water and sightlines.

1 Use a screwdriver to remove the screws at the corners of the vent and remove the vent cover.

2 Clean the inside of the vent and give it time to dry.

3 Line up the camera with the horizontal slits on the lid and make sure you check your viewing angle before using a sticky substance to fix it in place.

4 Connect the camera and set up the WiFi.

5 Reconnect the vent lid to the ceiling and screw it back in.

6 Make sure you test everything before you assume its good to go and you are ready to start monitoring the room.

How to install a hidden camera in TV

Installing a hidden camera inside your TV used to be extremely popular but has gotten increasingly difficult as time progressed. The classic TV was a big appliance with a large amount of unused space inside that made for easy installation. You could also use screw-shaped cameras to replace any of the outward-facing screws. If you have a dated TV a separate antenna will look quite natural on top. You can find TV antennas with hidden cameras inside but their use might depend on your cable package. 

As far as the modern flat-screen TV goes you are best asking for help from a professional to go this direction. There’s simply too little space inside for the average consumer to install a camera without causing an issue. There is also interference to consider as well especially if you are looking for any decent audio. This situation becomes even more complicated when you consider recording time and battery life. Do yourself a favor and enlist the help of a home surveillance expert before attempting a TV installation. Many modern televisions pick up audio and some even come with cameras inside.

How to install a hidden camera in the wall

install a hidden camera in the wallThe versatility of the wall makes it a great spot for a hidden camera setup. You can decide the angle and view easily though there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the noise pollution you might be dealing with within the area. Make sure you are as far from the television as possible, and you’ll want to try and avoid water pipes. A power supply is also important to keep in mind. Wireless cameras will need to charge periodically. While wired hidden cameras will require camouflaging the cord. You will also want to find a location that is either above or below the intended target’s eye level. Considering the position of the person you’ll need to see is important because you won’t want to move it later. 

Drilling a conspicuous hole in the wall can be replaced with a curtain rod or a wall clock as well. You’re best off hiding your wall camera inside another object found commonly on the wall. Light switch cameras and wall socket cameras can be found with cameras preinstalled. You could also purchase a screw sized camera and replace any of your current screws. Try an air purifier with a hidden camera, or install one in your own. The best way to hide a camera in a wall is in something that should be on the wall anyway like a portrait.


How do I setup a hidden camera on my phone?

A great use for any old camera phone is to turn it into a makeshift security camera. All you need is a camera phone and possibly a stand. If you are looking for a prolonged recording you will need a battery supply of course. After that, it’s as simple as finding the right app for your phone model. Android users can use a program like Alfred while iPhone users might enjoy Manythings. Most of these apps use motion detection to capture pictures or video and only need a WiFi connection to work.

Is it legal to have hidden cameras in your house?

You don’t have to worry about installing a camera in your personal home for the most part. However certain illegal activities or nefarious purposes being filmed is of course illegal. If you are considering installing a hidden camera at work you’ll want to watch out. Filming your boss or co-workers without their consent is an easy way to get sued.