How To Open Wine Bottle Without Corkscrew

Why do all the best things in life have to be so hard to get? Almost everyone has run into that situation where they need to know how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. Sometimes some amazing DIY wine opener would appear out of nowhere with an impressive trick. In just a few minutes you can be that superhero with plenty of ways to open wine without a corkscrew.

Some methods are more difficult than others but they all use interesting fundamentals to accomplish their goal. So follow along and learn some pretty cool tricks. Soon you’ll be hiding all the wine openers to emerge as the savior of the ball!

Forcing the Cork Down

Perhaps you don’t mind a bit of cork or you’re pretty desperate, pushing the cork into the bottle is sometimes the easiest way. If you have a filter you can even get the cork particles out afterward. This method is relatively simple, you’ll need a blunt ended object like a marker or pen with cap on.

Place the bottle on the ground or some other sturdy surface. This method requires pressure and will cause a bit of a splash so keep that in mind. Set your tool against the inside of the cork pushing it in enough that your object won’t wobble. Then simply push the cork down until it splashes down. A quick wipe up and you’re ready to go.

How About a Shoe?

Looking for a use for that old pair of kicks? Using a shoe isn’t too difficult and is quick as well. First, remove the foil so that the cork is fully exposed. Position the bottle in the opening of your shoe. Most flat shoes should work, of course, no flip flops, or high heels.

With the cork facing you hold the shoe against the wall. One hand should hold the bottle while the other holds the shoe. You’ll then, hit the sole of the shoe gently against the wall. Only the sole needs to make contact and you’ll want to use some force. The shoe will prevent the bottle from breaking but don’t go too hard. After multiple firm hits the cork should be exposed an inch or so allowing your fingers to finish the deed.

Is There a Knife Around?

Finding a knife usually isn’t too difficult though you’ll want to be careful with this method to avoid injuries. A pocket knife or paring knife will give you the best grip on the cork. Using a back and forth motion you will want to carefully work the knife into the cork.

With very little pressure it should move smoothly through. Once you have enough leverage twist the knife back and forth while slowly pulling up. An alternative method is to wedge the knife in between the cork and the bottle. From there with a slow even pressure, you can work the cork out with a lever like motion.

Bring the Hammer

If you have a few short finishing nails and a hammer this is a quick easy method that might need a bit of sanitization afterward. Use the hammer to gently hit the three nails into the cork in a straight line.

You’ll preferably want the nails as close as possible and slightly longer than the cork. Once they are in pry them out with the head of the hammer and the cork should come as well.

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How do you open a wine bottle with a key?

First, you will remove the foil so the cork is exposed. Then you want to use considerable pressure to force the key in ar a 45-degree angle. Using a towel is advised to protect your hands. You’ll then slowly rotate the bottle while pushing up on the key. Once the cork is slightly up faster rotations will finish the process quickly.

How do you open a wine bottle with a spoon?

Using a spoon to open a wine bottle is pretty similar to the key. You’ll want a thin handled spoon and to expose the cork. Stick the spoon into the cork handle side down at a 45-degree angle. You’ll then want to strongly grip the bottle by the neck sideways. Slowly rotate the bottle sideways while pushing up on the spoon. Eventually the cork ill be out far enough that you can pull it out with your fingers or finish with the spoon.

How do you open a bottle with a lighter?

This might not work for most wine but will certainly work for any beer without a screw-cap. First, grab the bottle by the neck with your off-hand. You want your index finger curled beneath the cap. Now take the lighter and position it in a perpendicular position between the cap and your index finger. Use the lighter to exert a strong pressure down. As long as you sealed properly the cap will pop off.