Ninja Mega Kitchen System Review

The Ninja Kitchen System is made to give you all the power you need in your personal kitchen from a blender. It features several different modes and tons of accessories to make recipes easy. Best of all, it has a great price point for being as powerful as it is.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System
  • Tons of Accessories
  • Easy to Clean
  • Safety Interlock
  • Difficulty Cutting Seeds
  • Faulty Motor
  • Bad Warranty

Blender Specs

This blender has all the power and containers you need to make the portion of food. With an easy to use dash and a heavy-duty motor, this product is guaranteed to make your cooking easier. There is even a way to make some of your favorite desserts with this model.

Motor & Blades

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is made to make your favorite recipes quickly and without experiencing any hang-ups. The system has a two hp motor that can process some foods as quickly as thirty seconds. The blades are made of stainless steel and are designed to be incredibly sharp. This blender can be used for both business and home use, but the power puts some even more expensive models to shame. The blender is a bit noise, but shouldn’t overwhelm you while in use.

Special Features of Ninja Kitchen System

This blender comes with a ton of accessories to help make blending easier and therefore it is really good blender for juicing. The primary container is a 72-ounce crushing pitcher perfect for pouring your smoothie out of. It also has an eight-cup food processor bowl for cutting up veggies and two 16 ounce cups for taking your creations on the go. These containers can easily be swapped out for different types of recipes, and the 16-ounce cups are compatible with the blender itself. The blender even has the power to mix cookie dough and can complete two pounds in just thirty seconds.

The blender has five modes and a handy pulse setting. The first mode is for blending your cookie dough while the second is for making drinks like smoothies. The third mode is for crushing, which is perfect for making ice. The last mode tells the blender that you are only making a single serving. Be sure to keep an eye on the buttons to know whether your system is currently in a certain mode or not.

Size & Weight

This is another blender that will take up a bit more space than more personal models. Even so, this blender shouldn’t take up too much counter space and can even be used in a smaller kitchen. This blender weighs 9.2 pounds and measures 9.5 inches by 8.2 inches by 17.8 inches. This makes the blender easy to move around in your kitchen, and storing it after use should be easy as long as you have room for all the extra containers.


This is a very durable appliance and is made to be used for years to come. The blades are made of stainless steel, and the motor is heavy-duty. The containers are all made of thick glass, and the body of the blender uses hard plastic. Even the lids of the containers are made of tough plastic that will perfectly seal to your blender. Be careful to properly clean the blades and handle the containers with care so that nothing breaks. The blades can bend if you don’t take caution when pouring in food. This model has a very limited warranty, so it’s more important that you take caution when cleaning blades, adding food, and moving around the glass pitchers.

Cleaning & Safety

This is not a blender that you should let your kids use. The blades can come detached and are incredibly sharp, making them easy to cut your self on. The blender also doesn’t have any extra safety features to keep you from getting cut. Never stick your hand in this blender unless you have detached it from the base as the blades are free-floating. You should also add your solid foods before turning the blender on and make sure that the lid is secured. There is a safety interlock that works with the lid so that the blender won’t run without it on, but this doesn’t help with the sharpness of the blades.

Cleaning this blender is actually pretty easy. Since the blades can be removed, they are easier to thoroughly clean. The containers are all dishwasher safe and free of BPA. All you need to do is make sure that you clean the blender after each use to keep mold and bacteria from building up while your system is not in use. Make sure to dry the blades after you clean them as water will cause them to rust. Lastly, be sure to wipe down the body with a warm washrag from time to time, as this blender can be a bit messy.

Warranty & Price

The warranty is pretty short in comparison to some other blenders, and the warranty doesn’t cover a lot. If you have issues with your motor, though, then you can use the one-year limited warranty to get a replacement. This is a bit disappointing as this is a more expensive brand of blender. To buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen, you will have to pay $159.99.


Is it really loud?

Yes, Ninja Mega Kitchen System is pretty loud.

Can you put hot soup/liquids in the blender?

No, you can not put to blend anything hotter than 180°F (82°C)

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System Review

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