Oral-B Pro 1000 Review

An electric toothbrush is something you may have never considered buying since most people are still brushing their teeth manually. These bushes are capable of getting rid of more plaque than a regular toothbrush with their pulsating and rotating movements. The Oral B Pro 1000 is a great place to start for people looking for their very first electric toothbrush. 

Oral-B Pro 1000 Review
  • Multiple brush options
  • Built-in timer and pacer
  • Simple and easy to use design
  • Great price for first-time buyers with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Long charge time to get the battery up to 100%
  • Can get Chipped Easily

Features of Oral b pro-1000

The Oral B Pro comes with tons of update features from the previous models. This brush is made to give you a superior cleaning without having a high price tag.

Oral B Pro 1000 Features

The Oral B Pro 1000 is packed with awesome features for a budget electric toothbrush. The brush itself is a little under 10 inches tall once put together. It has a simple one-touch power button and a battery indicator light on the front. It has a simple white and blue design that gives it a modern look. The grip is made of rubber to prevent any unfortunate accidents. This brush allows you to change brush heads to suit your dental needs.

It comes with a Cross Action brush head that has been proven to remove up to 300% more plaque than just manually brushing your teeth. It has bristles angled at 16 degrees to give you a deeper clean. The Oral B Pro 1000 has a pressure-sensitive sensor on it that will stop the brush from pulsating if you accidentally press too hard to prevent any discomfort.

It also has a very handy timer on it that is pre-set to the dentist-recommended 2 minutes that you should be brushing your teeth, and the toothbrush vibrates every 30 seconds to let you know when to change quadrants of your mouth to get the best overall clean. 

The Oral B Pro 1000 comes with only one brush mode designed for daily cleaning. It runs in a pulsating pattern to ensure you get a thorough clean for a full 2 minutes. It’s simple but effective. 

Brush Parts

Oral-B Pro 1000This electric toothbrush comes with the base, which is the main portion of the toothbrush, a charging stand that the whole toothbrush can sit on to charge, and one Cross Action toothbrush head. While the toothbrush has only one head out of the box, Oral B has a whole line of compatible toothbrush heads to suit your needs. If you have sensitive teeth, extensive dental work, or just need a deeper clean than the Cross Action Brush can provide, there is a brush head for you.


The Oral B Pro 1000 has a NiCad battery that lasts up to a week on a full charge. This battery is rechargeable using the charging station included with the toothbrush. It’s simple and safe to use overnight. This battery takes almost 22 hours to reach a full charge.

While the battery charge time isn’t a problem for people to use daily at home, it is a bit much for those who travel often and don’t have a place to charge their toothbrush every single night. 

Replacing Your Heads

Just like a regular old toothbrush, the brush heads of the Oral B Pro 1000 have to be occasionally changed. This is recommended to be done at least once every three months of use. The toothbrush heads made by Oral B have blue bristles on them that fade as you use them. This acts as an indicator for when they should be replaced. If you brush more than the average person, pay close attention to the bristles, and change accordingly. 

Proper Cleaning

This electric toothbrush doesn’t require much maintenance at all. Just wipe down the base, and the charging stand every week or so with warm water and soap. The Oral B Pro 1000 toothbrush is 100 percent waterproof. You can completely submerge it or have it in the shower with you if you like. 

Price and Warranty

Electric toothbrushes can get expensive if you want all the bells and whistles for them. This brush, however, is reasonably priced at $49.99 from online retailers. The Oral B Pro 1000’s price makes it a great introduction to electric toothbrushes and a great budget option, without giving up any of its great features. Oral B offers a money-back guarantee. If you decide it’s just not for you in the first 60 days, they will refund you. This is a great buy if it’s your first electric brush and you feel unsure about the product.

Oral-B Pro 1000 Review Conclusion

An electric toothbrush has been clinically proven to remove more plaque while brushing, and it cuts some of the guesswork out for you. The Oral-B Pro 1000 is a great option for first-time buyers or if you are just looking for a budget-friendly option. The money-back guarantee also makes this a great choice for someone who isn’t quite convinced an electric toothbrush is for them and would like to try it. It’s a simple, user-friendly design with great comfort features as well. 


Is this brush supposed to automatically turn off after 2 minutes of use?

No. Every 30 seconds it vibrates to let you know you can move to a different part of your mouth. When it reaches 2 minutes it vibrates for a longer period to let you know it’s reached it’s 2 minute mark but continues to run just in case you don’t feel like you’ve done enough.

Is the Oral-B waterproof?

Yes. The handle is completely self contained & waterproof, except for the charging base.

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