Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener Review

In the vast red and white sea of electric wine openers, the Oster cordless wine opener hopes to stand out for its ease of use and flawless design. Finding the flaws is the task of this Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener review and they are there. On the surface level, however, this is an elegant and affordable model with the potential for success.

Attempting the ultimate in functionality with its one-touch design the Oster cordless wine opener deserves a closer look. You’ll have to read along to find out how close this electric wine opener gets to the pinnacle of the industry.

  • Comfortable and distinct design
  • Wine chiller included
  • One button operation
  • No transparent base for visible screw
  • Limited color options
  • Harsh red light

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener Features


It isn’t perfect but the Oster electric wine opener certainly isn’t ugly with a sleek appeal that should turn heads. A choice between black on silver and silver on black doesn’t give you too many options for color. Still, an unaware bystander in the proper situation might confuse it for a starship control stick. The angular look comes off pretty well while providing a striking conversation piece for festive occasions. Futuristic is the look down to the bottom through a transparent screw area would be nice. The minimal width at the bottom makes lining up bottles easy regardless though it will limit opening the largest bottles.

The Oster cordless wine opener has an ergonomic design so it fits comfortably into your hand. A 2.25-inch diameter gives you a firm grip along with widening towards the top to prevent slippage. A black cylindrical charging base keeps the wine opener secure when not in use. The base gives it a high backed seat so you don’t have to worry about knocking it out of the charger. You also should be able to fit the stand almost anywhere with the base being about 5 x 5 inches. All together it will sit 15.5 inches high so you have a bit of space if cabinet height is an issue.

The biggest issue with the Oster electric wine openers design is the choice of red LED lighting for the charger and top. While charging a glaring red light will be pretty visible, which could be harsh for some. Most electric wine openers opt for a blue light which many consider to be softer on the eyes. This isn’t a deal-breaker though as neither light is too bright. This would only become really visible in low light situations. A pretty small price to pay for a mostly well designed one-touch operation electric wine opener.


As touched on a bit before the one-touch operation of the Oster cordless electric wine opener sets it apart. The convenience of being able to press a single button and have a wine bottle opened in seconds is amazing. It isn’t completely brainless however as you will have to hold the opener in a proper upright position. After that with a little pressure, proper positioning, and the touch of a button this machine will go to work. The wine opener will stop automatically when complete. Another tap of the bottom half of the switch will have the screw spin in the opposite direction to remove the cork.

The whole process is simple and smooth while taking just a moment. Helping to accentuate the ease of use you can get 30 openings out of a single charge. This is a pretty respectable number that most of the market aims for. It will take 6-8 hours to get a full charge which is a decent time though also pretty average.


Grabbing the Oster cordless wine opener with a chiller gives you a nice little extra that will improve your wine experience. A stainless steel wine chiller will keep your wine cool for hours preserving its freshness. Special thermal stainless steel lets it maintain a cold temperature for a prolonged period. The wine chiller has a reinforced double-wall to help its durability and effectiveness. While the wine opener is cordless the charger is not so you will need an outlet nearby.


So many things are done well but that can all go down the drain if the price doesn’t match the value. Thankfully, the Oster cordless electric wine opener isn’t too expensive with a price that ranges around $30. That puts it squarely around the middle of the market for electric wine openers. Which makes it a great gift idea or something for yourself. You might prefer it for its ergonomic feel, high-quality materials, and included chiller. While others might sacrifice feel for a visible screw and better lighting. Preference is important but the value is there.


The Oster electric wine opener would be an attractive addition to any kitchen. With easy operation and an affordable price, this wine opener is simple yet sweet. It might not have quite the looks of other options but it certainly isn’t bad. The sturdy quality feel of the build makes up for the lack of flair quite well. Features aren’t always important when you conveniently get the job done.


How do I know when my Oster wine opener is charged?

When the red light on the top and charger turn off the wine opener is fully charged.

How do you use an Oster wine opener?

Simple, just line it up over the wine bottle and press it down with light pressure. Once contact is made with the cork press the button. Once the cork is out press the bottom of the button.