Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener Review

With its miniature profile, the Ozeri OW02A-B makes a peculiar entrance onto the electric wine opener market. Coming from the little known Ozeri brand they hope to make a statement in a market full of established competition. Despite its diminutive size or perhaps because of it this electric wine opener still manages to stand out.

Even beyond its size, the Ozeri electric wine opener has other interesting features worth taking note of. Just how well does this valiant competitor stack up against the big dogs of the industry. Follow along with this Ozeri wine opener review and see if David and Goliath might need a rewrite.

Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener Review
  • Smart innovative design
  • Takes up hardly any space
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • 40 openings per charge
  • Lacking in additional accessories
  • The brand isn’t very well known

Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener Features


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that certainly reigns true for the Ozeri electric wine opener. Some will find its look to be sleek and attractive while others might find it gaudy and unbalanced.

Available in either red or black the design breaks down to three main sections. The chrome dome top looks good while doubling as a retractable foil cutter. Moving on to the middle section will give you your wine openers color. In the middle of the embossed cylinder, you’ll find the chrome operating switch. The bottom widens out a bit with a transparent chamber that holds the screw. Simple and efficient every aspect moves smoothly into the next.

The widened bottom is a necessity as the Ozeri electric wine opener doesn’t have any other form of base. This means it will have to be plugged directly into the wall with the included charging cable. Which makes this model a bit more portable than your average electric wine opener. The bottom is still only 3 inches in diameter allowing it to fit pretty much anywhere. A nice blue light comes on at the bottom while charging giving you some extra clarity. The light doesn’t come on in operation which is a feature found in some of the competition.


Finding issues with the Ozeri Nouveaux’s design is actually a pretty difficult task. The lack of a base could make it easy to topple over. However, with proper positioning that’s hardly an issue. With charging still being relatively easy a base feels unneeded.

The simplistic three-part design should fit well into any style of kitchen as well. The bottom is even well crafted to help you line up your wine bottles properly.  A weight of 1.3 pounds and a height of 13 inches make it easy to move around. Ozeri might not be well known but their design is sure to make a statement.


This is an area where you might expect the Ozeri Nouveax to fall behind other electric wine openers. Though as a completely impartial Ozeri electric wine opener review this machine does surprisingly well here. Ozeri has done an admirable job to make this wine opener just as easy to use as the competition. Instructions are almost unneeded as a single switch allows full operation. One side of the switch will remove the cork once it’s properly centered over a wine bottle. While the other side can be pressed to remove the cork from the wine bottle opener after it’s done. The whole process takes about ten seconds for great ease of use.

You can also easily use this model with one hand while the lack of base makes storage very easy. A particularly impressive aspect of this electric wine opener is its ability to open 40 bottles on one charge. 30 bottles are considered the industry standard that many higher priced models aim for.


With most electric wine openers containing at least one accessory, this Ozeri is one of few on the market that doesn’t include additional gadgets. This isn’t entirely true however, thanks to this model having its accessory built-in. The chrome dome of this electric wine opener also functions as a foil cutter. It works without the use of blades to provide safe and efficient foil removal. This innovative addition helps to make up for the lack of extras.


There’s usually a nice benefit that comes with choosing an off-brand in the form of lower prices. This reigns true with the Ozeri electric wine opener that has a very competitive price point. You can find this model for around the $20 range. This puts it firmly towards the lower end for electric wine openers. Considering all of its features and design that’s low enough for almost anyone to give this model a chance.


The price point sums it up pretty well as this electric wine opener offers considerable value. From the primarily stainless steel design to the transparent bottom the attention to detail is clear. Ozeri is doing their best to succeed in a very populated market by sacrificing on their bottom line. While more features are always nice this model does a great job setting a baseline for electric wine openers. The price alone makes it a perfect gift for any occasion.


How do you use the Ozeri OW02A-B wine opener?

Just place the Ozeri on top of the wine bottle and press the button. It will then remove the cork from the bottle. The other side of the button will remove the cork from the bottom of the wine open by counter-clockwise spin.

How to change the battery in the Ozeri wine opener?

The Ozeri uses a rechargeable battery and therefore shouldn’t need replacement. If you have issues with your machine’s battery contacting the manufacturer is advised.

Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener Review