Quip Toothbrush Review

Quip is a new way to brush your teeth and make sure you are getting the replacement heads you need. This toothbrush gives you several different functions to choose from. You can also pick from a variety of cosmetics and sizes.

Quip Toothbrush Review
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Kid and Adult Versions
  • Pulse Reminder
  • Timer
  • Complicated Pricing
  • Warrant With Stipulations

Quip Toothbrush Features

Quip is a newer brand of dental care that is quickly growing in popularity. The company is part of the American Dental Association and have their own brand of professionally approved toothpaste.


The Quip Toothbrush comes made in several different types of materials. This, of course, means that some types of Quip toothbrushes are a bit more durable than others. The primary options you will have to choose from are metal and plastic.

The plastic is still durable, but the metal is stronger. For further customization, you can choose from red and black metals. The child version is made from plastic with a rubber handle. You can choose between four different colors for kids purple, green, pink, or blue.

The model has a time sonic vibrating motor. It gives you 15,000 stokes a minute deep cleaning that you can’t get with a manual brush. The motor will pulse exactly every thirty seconds and has a built-in two-minute timer that begins when you turn the toothbrush on and will stop the motor on its own.

Brush Modes

This brush has only one mode to choose from unless you are using the kid’s brush. The kid’s brush is also designed to be used manually if your child is just switching to an electric model. The one mode that the brush has is specially designed to clean your mouth up to dentist standards. In addition, the thirty-second vibrations are put in to let you know when to switch areas in your mouth.


Quip is a company that set out to fix some of the problems with traditional electric toothbrushes. One of these issues is by allowing you to use traditional batteries. The brush uses AAA batteries instead of an internal one that can wear out. This is done so that you can replace the batteries instead of the whole brush. 

Replacing Your Heads

Replacing the head of your brush is as easy and going to the Quip website, and clicking buy. All brush heads come with an AAA battery and are made to be ordered every three months. You can choose an auto-ship option for free shipping and special promos. There is also a one-time purchase, but you will need to pay $10 on top of the $5 cost for the head. In addition, you can add floss and toothpaste in with your auto-ship for a reduced fee.

This brush head is made out of 1,200 DuPont bristles. These bristles only come in soft to avoid damage to your gums. The company does not currently produce stronger bristles.

Proper Cleaning

No matter how much you clean your brush, you will eventually need to place the bristles. In fact, the brand recommends you to replace heads every three months. Like any product, though, to keep your head that long it needs proper care. Be sure to wash out any excess toothpaste and not overload the bristles.

You should also work to keep the body of the brush clean. This can be done by simply using warm water and a rag. Once you are done using your brush, place it in a container to dry.

Price and Warranty

The price of the toothbrush will depend on a few choices. To begin, you will need to buy a starter set if you just can the standard plastic brush, it will cost $30. To bring down this cost, though, you can add on a refillable floss compartment to pay only $25. The metal runs on the same deal $45 for standard or $40 with the floss attachment. The special editions cost $50, and the kids is $25 with a free large toothpaste. Keep in mind that if you don’t choose auto-refill, there is a $10 shipping fee.

The warranty is another tricky topic to address. You can have a lifetime warranty if you pick auto-refill. This choice will charge you $5 every three months for a head and battery. This deal includes free shipping, and toothpaste can be added in for a discounted price. If you get the floss version of the brush, it will add-on an extra $5 to your plan. The plan can also be voided if you don’t properly store the brush.

Quip Toothbrush Review Conclusion

While the Quip brush is approved by dentists and works well to clean your teeth, it does have some downsides. Complicated pricing can turn away many shoppers. It does have some great features though like pulsing and a timed brushing period. There are even different sized models to ensure your whole family gets a brush.

If your the type of person who loves auto-refills, though, then this brush could work for you. The Auto-refill comes with a generous lifetime warranty and free shipping. All you need to do is pay $5 every three months. You can even buy a matching travel bag and stand. Not convincing? Then it makes sense to look at very popular Oral-B Pro 1000.


How is Quip powered?

Quip is powered by the same regular or rechargeable batteries as other electric brushes (AAA in our case). The difference with quip is its removable AAA battery that lasts for over 3 months.

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Quip Toothbrush

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