Secura Electric Wine Opener Review

While it might not be the flashiest, the Secura stainless steel electric wine opener hits the market with considerable panache. When you are treating guests, looking good is of utmost importance and this Secura model fits the script. Along with being one of the easiest to use wine openers on the market.

The Secura electric wine opener has a considerable capacity as well. With plenty of things going well for it how does the Secura wine opener stack up against the competition? With so many possible options choosing a quality electric wine opener is key. Don’t worry because this Secura electric wine opener review will have your party prepared in no time.

Secura Electric Wine Opener Review
  • Super easy operation requires just a bit of pressure
  • Sleek design grabs your eye
  • The corkscrew mechanism is visible while in operation
  • The charging base doesn’t stop it from wobbling
  • The foil cutter can fall off the base easily


Secura Wine Opener Features



Secura did a pretty solid job of creating an attractive model with its Secura electric wine opener. With an almost full stainless steel build, it should fit quite well into the majority of modern kitchens. It resembles a fancy salt shaker beside the transparent part at the bottom where you can see the opener at work. This is a nice touch allowing you to see exactly where you are in the process. 
A two-button configuration makes this electric wine opener pretty easy to work with. One button is used for removing the cork from the bottle while the other is used for removing the cork from the wine opener. This simple two-step process makes operation quick and easy. While in use this wine opener emits a cool blue LED light. This wine opener is also available in multiple colors including blue, pink, and brushed gold.
The transparent shell makes it super easy to line up the opener and the cork. The biggest flaw with the Secura wine opener’s design is probably how unsteady it is on the charging stand. While the stand is large enough that it won’t just fall over randomly. That doesn’t help the fact that the slightest touch can cause this wine opener to go full bobblehead. While that may be a bit of an over-exaggeration the chargers sturdiness is a factor. That carries over to the foil cutter which does have a resting place although it isn’t very secure. These issues are minor enough that they don’t exactly kill the deal.
 You will want to consider the space to make sure they don’t become anything more than a small inconvenience. Thankfully the Secura electric wine opener is small enough to fit in many areas. With a weight of 1.2 pounds and dimensions of 12 x 2.7 x 7.5 in it’s also pretty easy to maneuver.


Much like with the design the Secura electric wine opener is no slouch when it comes to its abilities either. Searching for an electric wine opener that removes the cork any easier would be a bit of a futile exercise. The transparent base makes it easy to line up so it can get the job done with a single button press. All you need is a bit of downward pressure on the cork and a button press to begin. The screw moves in a smooth clockwise motion through the cork and automatically stops when the cork is removed. 
You can open 30 bottles on a single charge which is the number you want to shoot for. You can find options with more, though 30 is still pretty impressive. The charge time is 6-8 hours however which is a bit long but also not bad. You can expect a quiet job as well because this wine opener is quieter than an air conditioner. Even against other stylish options like Rabbit the Secura electric wine opener excels in ease of use.


Two main accessories come with the Secura wine opener. The most important one, of course, is the charger. Despite the issues with security, the charger makes a nice addition to the overall appeal. Whenever the wine opener is fully charged it will emit a blue LED-lit glow. This makes it attractive in the background while also letting you know when it’s ready for use. A wine foil cutter is also included with the package. Its mix of clear and black plastic with strong metal clips makes it another attractive and functional addition.


You can find this model usually somewhere in the $30 range which puts it towards the middle of the competition. This is pretty solid considering it comes with a limited 2-year warranty as well. You can certainly find other wine opening options for less. Though there’s nothing that makes this wine opener unworthy of its value. Here you get solid value, aesthetics, and ease at the expense of exclusive features.


The Secura stainless steel electric wine opener would make a valuable addition to almost any kitchen. While it may not have everything it certainly covers the basics. The sleek look combined with an easy operation gives it considerable value against the competition. The translucent bottom adds another nice touch. With a price that is relatively affordable there aren’t too many reasons not to give this model a shot.



How do you use the Secura wine opener?

It’s simple just line it up with the cork while applying downward pressure. Then press the bottom button. Once the cork is removed press the top button and you’re finished.

How to change the battery in the Secura wine opener?

This model isn’t meant to be disassembled and uses a rechargeable battery. If you find the need for a new battery you will need to replace your electric wine opener.