Sony WH-1000XM2 Review

Depending on your perspective Sony has quite a regrettable history when it comes to electronics. Innovations are made, products are created, and Sony swoops in and improves on them. With a dramatic reputation that would make anyone feel some type of way, the Sony 1000xm2 fit right in.

Taking the Bose noise cancellation technology and running with it these headphones are pretty impressive. Are they worth a sizeable investment to add to your collections? Will they revolutionize your auditory experiences? Only time will tell, but this sony noise-canceling headphones wh100xm2 review will help you determine if they’re for you.

Sony WH-1000XM2 Review
  • Really good sound quality for noise cancellation headphones
  • Three dynamic noise cancellation modes
  • 30-hour battery life
  • Outclassed by newer designs
  • Expensive
  • Touch controls have a learning curve

Sony WH-1000XM2 features

Sound Quality

With sound usually being something you have to sacrifice for noise cancellation the wh-1000xm2 are surprisingly clear. Not quite studio-quality headphones they still perform remarkably across a wide range of sound. The bass can hit hard with overpowering or drop down to a curdling murmur. The mids are very straight forward and the highs are pristine and clear. They work well with a relatively flat EQ to not drown out over extended listening periods. They will sound great with any device through an Android with aptX HD standard adds something. The Sony 1000xm2 balance noise cancellation and terrific sound quality on a better level than most of the competition.

Battery Life

Continuing with their dedication to performance Sony didn’t skimp out for these headphones battery either. The 30 hours of battery life that these headphones boast is pretty legit. This puts them on the top of the market when it comes to wireless noise-canceling battery usage. Though they still get 10 hours less life while wired than their Bose counterparts. Still, 30 hours is more than enough to get you through the plane trips these are best used for. A quick charge feature allows you to plugin for just 10 minutes and gets 75 minutes of playback time.


The WH-1000XM2 doesn’t look like it would cost as much as they do which might be a good thing depending on your perspective. Their understated look helps them easily blend into any area as they fold away into your bag.  Business-class headphones with a strong build for travel. Faux-leather earcups keep your ears comfortable while a padded metal bridge keeps them secure. You can find them in black or white and outside of a Sony logo on each earcup they are totally incognito.

You’ll find two buttons, one for power and Bluetooth, and the other for switching noise cancellation modes. It will take a bit of time to get used to the touch-sensitive controls for changing your music. Definitely pretty cool after a while but not for every grandpa. Sadly those controls cease to work when the headphones are used in wired mode. These headphones are pretty light as well at 0.61 pounds. A 3.5mm cord can be connected for wired mode which is included along with a hardshell case.


Along with its great sound fidelity, the noise cancellation is also superb with three modes to suit your needs. The basic noise will cancel out the majority of sound whether you are listening to music or not. The four microphones also help Ambient Noise Mode to only allow selective noises to be heard. An example is the PA system at an airport with higher and lower frequencies. You can then switch to Quick Attention Mode to let in all exterior noise to hear the message or have a conversation. You won’t find many noise cancellation systems superior to this one. Bluetooth gives you wireless control for a 30-foot range.


When you hear Sony WH-1000XM2 there are a few distinct points that could make your wallet flinch. Sony is known for its high-quality technology and along with it some of the highest prices around. With a price of around $350, the 1000xm2 certainly isn’t cheap. You certainly get what you pay for though this model is no longer alone at the top of noise cancellation. The best you could have in 2017, other models have since risen to become competitive including its successor the 1000xm3.

Sony WH-1000XM2 Review Conclusion

No one’s going to be disappointed getting these headphones for Christmas. Even though they are best used for people who travel often they have versatility for daily use. Excellent sound quality and features like aptX HD and LDAC codecs will make these headphones stellar on Android devices. The noise cancellation capabilities are also top of the line. There’s certainly competition out there now but these headphones will always sound great.


Does Sony WH-1000 xm2 have a microphone?

They do not have a microphone but they are compatible with any in-line microphone through their 3.5mm jack.

How do I use Sony WH-1000xm2?

Operation is simple with a headphone cable connected it is just the same. For wireless use, all you need to do is pair them with Bluetooth.

How do I connect my Sony WH-1000xm2 with my Bluetooth?

Just turn the headphones on by holding the power button for two seconds. From there it will automatically detect any Bluetooth compatible device which you can use to pair them.

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Sony WH-1000XM2

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