Tribest Personal Blender Review

If you are looking for a personal blender, then you will be pleased with the easy to use Tribest appliance. The blend can help you make the perfect smoothies and grind down nuts to make granola snacks. The company also prides itself on customer support, so you can rest assured that any issues will be quickly resolved.

  • Grinds and Blends
  • Dishwash Safe And BPA Free
  • Great For Small Kitchens
  • Blades Can Break Easily
  • Food Sticks to Containers

Blender Specs

Since the Tribest is a personal blender, it won’t have as much power as commercial models. It does come with the ability to grind down nuts and beans, which makes It great for creating both snacks and drinks.

Motor & Blades

Tribest Personal Blender bladesIf your looking for a blender that can take on difficult projects, then the Tribest may not be for you. The motor of this blender is only 200 watts, which is the perfect amount of power for making delicious smoothies. Despite being able to both grind a puree, the blender only comes with two blades.

You will need to swap out the blades since this one stainless steel blade can’t do both. Like with any blended, you will need to keep the blades dry to keep away rust. Best of all, if anything does happen to your blade, then you can go to the Tribest site to order a replacement instead of buying a new blender.

Special Features

This blender only has two modes of operation to make your blending experience easy. It has one set speed and two modes of operation that you can switch between using the press of a button. There is no fancy display on this blender, so you will need to keep an eye on the appliance while it is in use. Make sure to double-check which setting you have chosen before starting your blender.

You will also need to switch the blades out every time you need to switch from smoothie mode to grind mode. In addition, this model comes with three different containers so that you can make different size smoothies. These containers come in two sizes; the first is a single 16-ounce container, and the other two are 2.8-ounce containers. This allows you to easily control the amount of food or drink you are making. Each container also comes with a separate screw-on plastic lid. This model is relatively quiet.

Size & Weight

The Tribest Blender is a small appliance perfect for those with smaller counter space available. This light blender only weighs 3.7 pounds even when you include all three glass containers. It is easy to move around, especially if you need to store the item when it’s not in use. The blender measures 13.4 inches by 21.5 inches by 21.7 inches, not including the storage space needed for the two 2.8 ounce containers.


The blades are made out of stainless steel and the containers out of thick glass. Even with these materials through this blender does have some issues with blades breaking after use. Make sure not to overload the blades and be careful when sitting the containers down as they can crack from a rough treatment like many glass items. The lids of the containers are made of thin plastic, so make sure to keep them away from hot objects and drinks.

Cleaning & Safety

For your safety, the blender is made out of BPA free materials and has enhanced safety features. The blender also uses a smart cover system to keep the blades separated from your food. Even if you stick your hand in while the blender is on, this feature will keep you from getting cut, making it a safer model to keep around children. Make sure to still use caution when switching out the blades as they are sharp. Even with this safety feature, be sure to add in your food before turning the blender on. Never stick your hand in a blender that is powered on, even if it has a protective barrier.

Both the containers and lids of the Tribest are dishwasher safe. For the blades, though, you will need to remove them from the model and thoroughly clean them with soap and water. After your done washing the blades, make sure to thoroughly dry them off the decrease the chances of rust. Tribest should be cleaned out after each and every use no matter what foods you’re using, same as all blenders. This keeps mold and bacteria from hanging out in the containers and on the blades. For the main unit, you will need to use a wet cloth to wipe it down if any food leaks out while you’re removing a container. Food can stick to the containers, so you may need to spend extra time washing them if you choose to handwash.

Warranty & Price of Tribest Personal Blender

This blender does come with a one-year warranty from the company, just be sure to fill out and mail in the warranty form when you receive the product. The company bases all of its customer service team in the US and has great customer service to help new customers with any problems that may pop-up. Even with the dual purpose, the blender costs about $50.


What is the volume of the large cups?

16 oz (454 g.)

Is the cups BPA free?

Yes. Cup is BPA free

Tribest Personal Blender Manual

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Tribest Personal Blender Review

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